Saturday 30 March 2013

Fashion: Kasia Struss by Greg Kadel, Styled by Bill Mullen for Numéro

This editorial fashion shoot 'La Bohème' for NUMÉRO magazine, issue 142 (April 2013) photographed by Greg Kadel is a wonderful eclectic mix of fashion and eccentric styling by Bill Mullen. The model, Kasia Struss looks powerful, bold and confident in these outfits. The above image certainly attracted me to the editorial; its intricate head piece, larger-than-life hair styling, creative make up by Mariel Barrera and Strauss's relaxed yet direct gaze at the lens is certainly striking in monochrome among the glitz of her sequined dress. The fashion features influences from all over the globe, Indian, African, Oriental, American and clothing inspired from different decades as well, most notably the denim-on-denim image with a sleeveless jacket and headpiece reminiscing the Western 90's era. If I saw the clothing rack for this shoot I would not think it would come together like this and work as a solid editorial as the clothes by themselves are so contrasting. Bill Mullen certainly styled this cleverly and beautifully and with Kadel's mixture of lighting in the studio and Struss's ability to make every photograph subtly different, it all brought the fashion to life.

Monday 25 March 2013

Revamping VEST

Hey Everyone

So it's been a quite some time since I've published a post on here and it's certainly time for a revamp and actually getting some blogging done! I'm currently in the process of creating a new hand-drawn logo for VEST, I'm looking forward to getting back into graphic design and typography as I loved doing this at college. My new main aim is to blog weekly and do more posts about my work, what inspires me and the end results as well as write to a high standard, exploring photography and art.

Since my November post I've been rather busy with lots of new exciting projects and shoots as well as visiting new places and gaining new experiences. The most notable project is being part of the founding team for Lost & Found Magazine creating the website, managing the blog, being creative director where I will be main photographer, graphic designer and contributor for fashion and weekly articles. This has certainly been fun and exciting working on this especially with Matt Holliday (editor and creator) and Joe Rose (Co-Editor) yet has been challenging though well worth the time and effort. Find Lost & Found on Facebook

Also I've had my photography exhibited in an Re:So art gallery in Marland's shopping centre, Southampton city which was an exciting experience in Oct 2012 for two weeks. The work I exhibited was from my first year of university shooting on medium format colour film from my 'I Am Beauty' project. See the pictures on Flickr.

Read about my gallery exhibition here: Solent Photography

I've had so many draft posts and ideas for articles for this blog yet have never found the motivation to complete them, however after launching Lost & Found re-found my love for blogging. I've been updating my website quite a lot and as well as writing interesting posts and my inspirations in the arts on VEST, this will be my main blog for Nisha Haq Photography to use for my website.

I'll be using the blog for behind-the-scenes of photo shoots I do, inspiration and planning for shoots and projects, updates for Nisha Haq Photography as well as discussing art and photography critically. So watch this space!

In the meantime read my articles for Lost & Found Magazine...

Look forward to posting weekly to V.E.S.T!

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