Saturday 25 August 2012

Fashion: Kiera Knightly by Mert & Marcus

As an avid lover of fashion and the art behind it, I love how style leapfrogs back in time yet adds a twist of modernity to keep it fresh. This series of photographs by renowned fashion photography duo Mert & Marcus shows a splash of vibrant colour, 80s geometrics and glamour and face full of fierce of English rose, Keira Knightly. Photographed for Interview Magazine April 2012, styled by Karl Templer

I find the above image particularly striking especially how Keira isn't afraid of staring down the eye of the lens as if looking straight at the viewer face-to-face; she's unapologetic of her confidence and her handsome looks. The bias of monochrome images to coloured images gives the impression of going back in time. Her strong cheekbones enhances the geometrics and sharp tailoring of the composition and clothing. I like how Mert & Marcus have captured her in different moods and poses keeping it far from the usual plain cover shoot of a magazine. The sex appeal reminisces that of Helmut Newton's women and his photographic style too.

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